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Update 08. May 2024

the complete dates were added to the guide.

Check here for details

Update 07. May. 2024

More dates added to the forthcoming 35 Years Anniversary Tour

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Update 01. May 2024

new show announced forthe Fall 2024 tour:

18. - 20. Oct. 2024 Desertfest, Muziekcentrum TRIX, Antwerpen, Belgium

Update 09. Apr. 2024

Two more shows were announced for the forthcoming Fall Tour 2024

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Update 14. Mar. 2024

First show announcedfor 2024:

04. - 06. Oct. 2024 Up In Smoke Festival, Konzertfabrik Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland

Update 11. Feb. 2024

First update of the year 2024

I've added a poster to a vintage show:

03. Sep. 2005 Askena Rock Festival, Spain

Update 08. Jul. 2023

Last day of the European Summer Tour 2023.

Thanks to the band for touring, safe travels back home and I really hope to see you guys again real soon.

Update 26. Jun. 2023

added some fotos to the guide that I took at the shows in Frankfurt, Erlangen and Saarbrücken

Update 25. Mar. 2023

Monster Magnet will perform at Desertfest, New York 14. - 16. Sep. 2023

Update 16. Mar. 2023

Venue change!

24. Jun. 2023 Heavy Load Festival: from Eishalle, Wetzikon to Z7; Pratteln, Switzerland

Update 01. Mar. 2023

European Tour dates 2023 added.

For the majority of shows Saint Agnes will be the Special Guest

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Update 17. Dec. 2022

two more dates added to the forthcoming tour:

10. Jun. 2023 Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg, Sweden

17. Jun. 2023 Hellfest, Clisson, France

Update 24. Nov. 2022

Another date for the upcoming Euro Summer Tour 2023:

18. Jun. 2023 Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium

Update 11. Nov. 2022

Another date for the upcoming Euro Summer Tour 2023:

09.-11. Jun. 2023 Into The Grave Festival, Oldehoofsterkerkhof, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Update 10. Nov. 2022

New date added:

13. May 2023 Sick New World Festival, Las Vegas Festival Grounds, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Added Test Patterns Vol. 1 (God Unknown Records) to the Discography

Update 22.Oct. 2022

First dates for 2023 tour were announced:

08.-10. Jun. 2023 Rockfest, Hyvinkää Airport, Hyvinkää, Finland

15.-17. Jun. 2023 Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Update 1. Oct. 2022

Thanks to Gary L for a foto of his 11. Aug. 1995 ticket at Hammerjacks, MD, USA.

Update 15.Sep.2022

added the Napalm Records re-releases of Monolithic Baby! (Glow In The Dark Vinyl and CD) and

4-Way Diablo (Glow In The Dark Vinyl and CD) to my discographie

Update 08. Jul. 2022

according to Bob Pantella there will be no Monster Magnet shows this Summer, probably no shows for the rest of this year, due to Dave's accident.

Update 21. Mar. 2022


Due to a back injury Monster Magnet regretfully announces cancellation of their performances at Desert Fest New York 2022 and their European summer tour 2022. Lead Singer Dave Wyndorf suffered a bike accident earlier in the year and is currently in physical therapy.
Wyndorf says, "My apologies to everybody for dropping out
at this time. I'm as disappointed as anyone. Doctors say I should be as good as new by summer's end and then we can start making up for lost time. ROCK!" - Dave
Update 19. Mar. 2022

New show announced:

19. Aug. 2022 Psycho Las Vegas, Resorts World Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Update 12. Feb. 2022

Monster Magnet will perform on 13. May 2022 at the

Desertfest NYC, Knockdown Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Update 30. Jan. 2022

added another vintage show date to the guide. Thanks to We_Go_To_Shows_NJ

14. Sep. 1990 Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ, USA

Update 13. Nov. 2021

Monster Magnet will perform at the Desertfest NYC, Knockdown Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

13. - 15. May 2022

Update 12. Nov. 2021

The complete dates for the forthcoming Euro-Tour 2022 are now online.

click here for details

Special guest for most of the shows will be Saint Agnes

Update 11. Nov. 2021

More dates announced for the forthcoming European Summer Tour 2022

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Update 15. Oct. 2021

The 31. Dec. 2021 show at The House Of Independence, Asbury Park, NJ got cancelled

due to 'unforeseen circumstances'...

Update 24 Sep. 2021

Added a new date to the Guide:

18. Jun. 2022 Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium

Update 18. Sep. 2021

A huge Thank You to my friend Nick A. J. for sending me a vinyl copy of

Spine Of God released by Go Get Organized as a gift.

Update 13. Sep. 2020

Thanks to we_go_to_shows_nj I was able to ad another vintage show date to the Guide:

13. Jul 1990 Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ, USA

Update 07.Sep. 2021

3 6 0 0 visitors since I've installed the counter on 17. Jan. 2016.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Update 25. Jun. 2021

Two more dates added to the forthcoming European Tour 2022:

17. Jun. 2022 Rock The Ring Festival, Hinwil, Switzerland

22. - 25. Jun. 2022 Alpen Flair Festival, Natz, Italy

Update 09. Jul. 2021

Show announced: 31. Dec. 2021 House Of Independents, Asbury Park, NJ, USA

celebrating 30th anniversary of 'Spine Of God'

Update 19. Jun. 2021

First show added to the European Summer Tour 2022:

26. Jun. 2022 Hellfest, Clisson, France

Update 22. May 2021

added different versions of the new album 'A Better Dystopia', that was released yesterday, to the Discography

Update 04. Mar. 2021

Just received an email from their tour-manager, that the Euro Summer 2021 Tour got cancelled.

Monster Magnet will return in 2022. Thank you, Bobo for that info.

Fuck Covid 19!

Update 19. Dec. 2021

Next show announced for the forthcoming Summer Tour:

17. Jul. 2021 Ramblin' Man Fair, Mote Park, Maidstone, Enfland

Update 18. Dec. 2020

On this day nine years online. Thanks for your support (past, present, future)

Update 17. Nov. 2020

Thanks to Joe M E. for another vintage tour date / poster

20. Aug. 1993 The New York Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Update 13. Nov. 2020

First show announced for the forthcoming European Summer Tour 2021:

19. Jun. 2021 Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium

I really hope this toul will happen. Fuck Covid 19!

Update 11. Oct. 2020

I 'always' thought that Monster Magnet had its first live show on this day in 1989...

so Happy 31st Anniversary.

But a vintage flyer has surfaced (thanks to John McBain) setting the 'birthday' on another date:
23. June 1989

When was this show? 1989, 1990 or 1991?

Update 16. Sep. 2020

January/February 2021 USA tour update:

Unfortunately, due to ongoing covid concerns and continued restrictions we are canceling our January/February 2021 USA tour. Holding your money and moving the tour for a second time hoping to be open where we move it to does not seem logical or fair at this point. We would prefer you all had the money back in your pockets and we hope to rebook this at a more appropriate time for all. Please get refunds at point of purchase.

(source: Monster Magnet's Facebook page 16. Sep. 2020)

Update 03. Aug. 2020

3 0 0 0 + visitors since I've installed the counter on 17. Jan. 2016

Thanks for your support

Update 21. Jun. 2020

Thanks to Matt L for the foto of the 09. Sep. 1995 Ticket

and to Stephen S. for the foto of the 13. Feb. 1999 ticket

Update 15. Jun. 2020

Thanks to David K. I was able to ad a new vintage date and close another gap in the guide:

23. Jul 1995 Metropol, El Paso, TX, USA

Update 11. May 2020

I've added another vintage show date to the guide:

27. Jul. 1993 The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA

Thanks to Mike S. for the info

Update 18. Mar. 2020

The North America Tour of Powertrip In Full & Other Classics is rescheduled for 2021.

Click here for details

Update 15. Mar. 2020

According to their individual venue-websites a couple of shows - up to now only shows scheduled for March 2020 - of the North American Powertrip Tour have been postponed due to the Corona Virus.

Click here for details

Update 23.02.2020

Today's the final show of the Powertrip In Full & Other Classics European Tour 2020. Thanks guys for touring. Safe travels back home and hope to see you sometime soon in Summer 2021.

Update 16. Feb. 2020

I added concert-photos I've shot at the 13. Feb. 2020 show

Update 11. Feb. 2020

I added concert-photos I've shot at the 09. Feb. 2020 show

Update 23. Jan. 2020

Last night Dave introduced Alec Morton as the new bass-player of MM.

I wish Chris Kosnik all the best and hope to see him when he tours with his band The Atomic Bitchwax.

Update 22. Jan. 2020

Today the Euro Tour kicks off and the dates for the forthcoming North America Tour were announced

Venue change: 01. Feb. 2020: it's now Huxley's Neue Welt, Berlin instead of Metropol.

Click here for details

Update 14. Jan. 2020

support act for the three UK shows will be: Those Damn Crows

Update 21. Dec. 2019

For the 23. Jan. 2020 show the venue has changed: not O2 Academy but Stylus, Leeds, England

Update 29. Oct. 2019

According to the Tour Management, the 27. Jan. 2020 show will not happen at 'John Dee'. Due to reasons of demand it will be moved to 'Rockefeller', Oslo, Norway.

Update 09. Oct. 2019

all dates announced for the Powertrip In Full & Other Classics European Tour 2020.

click here for info

Update 07. Oct. 2019

next date announced for the Powertrip In Full & Other Classics European Tour 2020:

25. Jan. 2020 Tivoli Vrendenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Update 05. Oct. 2019

First dates announced for the Powertrip In Full & Other Classics European Tour 2020:

22. Jan. 2020 The Garage, Glasgow, Scotland

23. Jan. 2020 O2 Academy, Leeds, England

24. Jan. 2020 O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, England

Update 03. Sep. 2019

Just received notice, that MM did not perform at the 02. Jul. 1999 Ruisrock Festival in Turku, Finland.

Thanks to Mikko V. for that info.

Update 05. Aug. 2019

Thanks to Kevin S. for a scan of his Wacken Open Air Ticket 2019

Added a scan of my ticket for Trebur Open Air 2019

both festivals took place (but no MM for known reasons).

Update 26.06.2019

Euro Summer Tour 2019 got cancelled

"Unfortunately due to a recent medical diagnosis that requires treatment to
start immediately, I am forced to cancel this summer's Monster Magnet tour of
Europe. I am hopeful that we will return to the road in early 2020 with a tour
celebrating Powertrip and more.

Tonsils! Who knew they could be such a big deal? Well, my doctors do and by
the way I'm feeling now I'm in agreement. I'm to undergo surgery right away
or risk chronic sickness and sounding like Jabba The Hutt forever (some may
say the latter may be an improvement but I'm not willing to risk it).
I'm so sorry to cancel on everybody. Playing live and being with my Magnet
road family (of which you are the BIGGEST part) is the joy of my life and I
hate to let everybody down. And that includes myself. Simply put, this SUCKS
but it is what it is. Gotta take care of the voice. I hope you understand.

ROCK! - Dave"

Get well soon, Dave! I wish you a speedy recovery. See you in 2020.

Update 12. May 2019

Thanks to Missfelidae Illustration for letting me upload her poster for the 02. Aug. 2019 show

Update 29. Mar. 2019

one more show added to the forthcoming 2019 Euro Summer Tour:

02. Aug. 2019 Lake On Fire Festival, Waldhausen, Austria

Update 18. Mar. 2019

added two vintage dates to the guide:

18. May 1993 Le Terminal Export, Nancy, France and 02. Jun. 1993 Majeriet, Lund, Sweden

Update 17. Mar. 2019

Thanks to David K. for two flyers: 03. Aug. 1993 and 05. Jun. 2001

added a vintage advertisment to the guide: 09. Feb. 1991

Update 11. Mar. 2019

Thanks to Roger and Lisa B. for sending me a photo of his ticket for the 25. Jul. 2019 show

Update 09. Mar. 2019

Vintage tour date added to the Guide: 08. Aug. 1993 Z-Rock Monster Blowout, Detroit, MI, USA

Date for MM's Wacken Open Air will be: 03. Aug. 2019

Update 01. Mar. 2019

more dates added to the forthcoming European Summer Tour 2019. Click here for details

Update 05. Feb. 2019

next show added: 26. Jul. 2019 Tivoli Vrendenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Update 04. Feb. 2019

next show announced: 07. - 10. Aug. 2019 Brutal Assault Festival, Fortress Josefov, Czech Republic

I added concert-photos I've shot at the 03. Feb. 2019 show

Update 02. Feb. 2019

next show announced: 22. Jul. 2019 Riverside, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

I added concert-photos I've shot at the 31. Jan. 2019 show.

Update 26. Jan. 2019

first shows announced for the European Summer Tour 2019:

27. Jul. 2019 Trebur Open Air, Trebur, Germany

30. Jul. 2019 Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden

Update 13. Jan. 2019

Setlist of the 12. Jan. 2019 Byscenen, Trondheim, Norway show added

Update 01. Jan. 2019

Happy New Year! Monster Magnet turns 30 in 2019!

Thanks to Elke J. for her 05. Jun. 1993 Ticket, 22. Aug. 1995 Ticket and some additional info about some vintage shows: Monster Magnet did not show up for the 05. Jun. 1993 and 26. Jun. 1999 shows.

Update 19. Dec. 2018

Thanks to Elke J., I was able to add one more vintage tourdate to the guide and got some info on another gig: The 05. Jun. 1993 show did not happen since MM did not show up for their performance on that festival. Vintage date added: 22. Aug. 1995 Hyde Park, Osnabrück, Germany

Update 30. Oct. 2018

One new US - show date added: 30. Dec. 2018 House Of Independents, Asbury Park, NJ

Update 29. Oct. 2018

Thanks to Rob N. for sending me a copy of his 28. Oct. 2018 ticket, last show of the North American Mindfucker Tour 2018

Update 16. Oct. 2018

Thanks to Hypopyon W. for sending me copies of his 26. Nov. 2012 ticket and 2011 Tourposter

Update 12. Oct. 2018

two more shows added to the forthcoming Euro-Tour 2019:

09. Feb. 2019 Piraeus Academy 117, Athens, Greece

10. Feb. 2019 Principal Club, Thessaloniki, Greece

Update 05. Oct. 2018

Tourdates added for the forthcoming Mindfucker European Tour 2019

Update 01. Oct. 2018

Setlist of the 28. Sep. 2018 Toronto show added. Thanks to David B. and thanks to Andrew T. for some additional info

Update 28. Sep. 2018

The Mindfucker North American Tour 2018 kicks off today.

Update 18. Jun. 2018

Tourdates announced for the Mindfucker North American Tour 2018

Click here for details

Update 04. Jun. 2018

new US date added: 30. Sep. 2018 Louder Than Life Festival, Champions Park, Louisville, KY, USA

Update 03. Jun. 2018

Last show of the European Mindfucker Tour 2018 is tonite.

Thanks to Monster Magnet for doing it again! Safe travels and see you again next year.

I've added the Photopasses for the 03. May 2018 and 09. May 2018 shows.

Thanks to Bobo for providing me with them.

Update 14. May 2018

added concert photos of the 09. May 2018 show

Update 06. May 2018

added ticket and concert-photos of the 03. May 2018 show.

Photopass (thanks to Bobo) will be added at the end of the tour

Update 03. May 2018

Flyers to the Mindfucker 2018 shows will be added on a daily basis

Update 09. Apr. 2018

New date added: 13. Oct. 2018 Aftershock Festival, Sacramento, CA, USA

Update 31 Mar. 2018

added vintage tour dates to the guide (1998 - 2006) (Thanks to Serge D.)

added flyer to the shows of 29., 30. and 31 Mar. 2018 shows and the setlist to the 29. Mar. 2018 show (Thanks to Tim Cronin for the setlist)

Update 22. Mar. 2018

added Mindfucker to the discography

Update 13. Feb. 2018

Thanks to Alastair M. I was able to add another setlist to the guide:

16. May 2009 Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, USA

Update 31. Jan. 2018

added a new page to the site: Concert-Photos

Update 02. Jan. 2018

last (?) missing Raging Speedhorn / MM split 7-inch added to my discography:

black mis-colored pressing limited to 1 copy

Update 18. Dec. 2018

6 years online on this day! Thanks for your support (past, present & future)

European Tourdates 2018 were announced today. Check here for details

Update 17. Dec. 2018

The exact date for Monster Magnets's performance at the Desert Fest in Berlin will be 04. May 2018 and on 11. May 2018 there will be a show at the Sala Santana 27 in Bilbao, Spain

Update 27. Nov. 2017

next date added: 12. May 2018 Kriston Fest, Madrid, Spain

Update 26. Nov. 2017

The exact date for Monster Magnets's performance at the Desert Fest in London will be 06. May 2018. The venue will presumably be the 'The Roundhouse'

Update 14. Nov. 2017

Thanks to Teijo T. for sending me a digital copy of the gigposter for the 10. Nov. 2010 show.

Update 10.Nov. 2017

There's been some confusion about some show-dates:

30. Mar. 2018 Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, USA

31. Mar. 2018 Metal & Beer Festival, The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Update 08. Nov. 2017

New date added: 29. Mar. 2018 Music Hall Of Williamsburg, New York City, NY, USA

Update 07. Nov. 2017

Seems like there has been a change for 31. Mar. 2018:

It's now Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ, USA

01. Apr. 2018 Metal & Beer Festival, The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Update 04. Nov. 2017

Thanks to Tim Cronin for the setlist and running order to the 03. Nov. 2017 show

Update 02. Oct. 2017

First 2018 US date announced:

31. Mar. 2018 Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest, The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Update 22. Sep. 2017

First 2018 dates announced:

04.-06. May 2018 Desert Fest, London, England

04.-06. May 2018 Desert Fest, Berlin, Germany

Update 02. Sep. 2017

added the Napalm Records reissues of Tab and Spine Of God to the discography.

Besides the fact that the live version of Spine Of God is not listed on the back-cover of Tab, both reissues are similar to the SPV reissues from 2006.

Update 26. Aug. 2017

added another split-7-inch single to the discography:

Testpressing black one side labeled

Update 01. Aug. 2017

US-show announced!

03. Nov. 2017 Glen Helen Amphitheater, San Bernadino, CA, USA

Update 11. Jun. 2017

added pass and photos, that I've shot at the 08. Jun. 2017 show

Update 10. Jun. 2017

08. Jun. 2017 Ticket added to the guide

Update 06. Jun. 2017

Thanks to Ivaylo A. for photos of his 11. Jun. 1999 Ticket and Poster

Thanks to Bernd H. for photo of his 28. May 2017 Poster and pass

Update 01. Jun. 2017

Ticket, drumheads, pass to the 31. May 2017 show added

Update 30. May 2017

Thanks to Jez O. for pictures of his tickets / aftershow-pass to the following shows:

05. Dec. 2009 Nottingham, Rock City, England

23. Nov. 2010 HMV Institute, Birmingham, England

19. Mar. 2016 O2 Forum, London, England

Thanks to Luke F. for the pic to the following show:

16. Mar. 2006 Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Update 29. May 2017

Thanks to the artist Teodor Georgiev for his poster/flyer to the Southampton 2017 show

22. May 2017

Setlists from Southampton and Birmingham 2017 added.

Thanks to Denver M. for the Birmingham Setlist

one vintage date added to the guide:

29. May 1998 McGathy Party, CBGB's, New York City, NY, USA

21. May 2017

First two flyers for the 2017 European Tour added to the guide

18. May 2017

added one vintage date to the guide:

30. Aug. 1997 Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ, USA (Thanks to Lisa G.)

thanks to Greg D. for pics of his three tickets:

21. Jul. 1998 Tradewinds, Sea Bright, NJ, USA

28. Oct. 1998 Roseland Ballroom, New York City, NY, USA

12. Feb. 1999 Tradewinds, Sea Bright, NJ, USA

23. Apr. 2017

added two vintage dates to the guide:

06. Sep. 1995 Irving Plaza, New York City, NY, USA

07. Oct. 1995 The Embassy, Orlando, FL, USA (thanks to James R.)

15. Apr. 2017

another Raging Speedhorn / MM split 7-inch added to my discography:

Mis-colored testpressing black / yellow limited to 1 copy

05. Apr. 2017

two more dates added:

13. June 2017 Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden

19. June 2017 Le 106, Rouen, France

22. Mar. 2017

one more date: 18. June 2017 Poppodium Iduna, Drachten, The Netherlands

21. Mar. 2017

next date added: 04. June 2017 Rock in Vienna, Donauinsel, Wien, Austria

18. Mar. 2017

next date added: 30. May 2017 La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France

17. Mar. 2017

three more dates added:

28. May 2017 Piraeus Academy 117, Athens, Greece

01. June 2017 Post Tenebras Rock - L'usine, Genf, Switzerland

06. June 2017 Alcatraz, Milano, Italy

16. Mar. 2017

one date added to the forthcoming tour:

05. June 2017 Dynamo, Zürich, Switzerland

10. Mar. 2017

more dates added to the forthcoming European Tour 2017.

Check here for details.

07. Mar. 2017

The exact date for the Hellfest show will be: 16. Jun. 2017

01. Mar. 2017

another date for the forthcoming European tour announced:

22. Jun. 2017 Download Festival, La Caja Magica, Madrid, Spain

27. Feb. 2017

next date for the forthcoming European tour announced:

26. May 2017 Podium Victorie, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

14. Jan. 2017

another date for the forthcoming European tour announced:

25. May 2017 Dauwpop Festival, Hellendoorn, The Netherlands

04. Jan.2017

Wow, 1 0 0 0 visitors on this page since the installation of the counter Jan. 17, 2016

Thank you all for the constant support!

01. Jan. 2017

Happy New Year

17. Dec. 2016

17. Jun. 2017 Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium, confirmed

16. - 18. Jun. 2017 Hellfest, Clisson, France, confirmed (exact date tba)

01. Nov. 2016

according to the info I got from a person close to the band, MM is already booked for

Graspop Metal Meeting and Hellfest 2017

(nothing official yet, so don't blame me, when it does not happen!)

08. Oct. 2016

Thanks to Eric M. for the setlist to the 30. Nov. 2013 show

Thanks to Pete F. for the ticket to the 12. Dec. 2009 show

Update 02. Oct. 2016

Thanks to Tim Cronin for the setlist of yesterday's show

Update 27. Sep. 2016

Flyer for the 01. Oct. 2016 show added

Update 26. Sep. 2016

added three dates to the guide:

22. Jun. 2004 Vier Linden, Hildesheim, Germany

23. Jun. 2004 Lindenpark, Potsdam, Germany

30. Jun. 2004 Zeche, Bochum, Germany

Update 27. Aug. 2016

added another CD to the discography:

Monster Magnet [EP] first(?) edition without any barcode

Update 16. Aug. 2016

added another CD and a 7'-single to the discography:

Promotional CD of the Raging Speedhorn/Monster Magnet single,

miscolored testpressing of the Raging Speedhorn/Monster Magnet split-7-inch-single

Update 08. Aug. 2016

added another CD to my discography: the limited edition Glitterhouse copy of Tab

Update 02. Jul. 2016

Thanks to Erik D for sending me a pic of a vintage flyer to the 28. Feb. 1993 show.

Thanks to Mihau for a copy of the 25. Jun. 2004 show

Update 26. May 2016

actual date for MM's performance at the First Energy Park, Lakewood, NJ event has been announced: 01. Oct. 2016

a newspaper advertisment was added to the guide: 25. Aug. 1995

Update 14. May 2016

one upcoming show added: 30. Sep - 02. Oct. 2016 First Energy Park, Lakewood, NJ, USA

see poster for details

I've added a couple of vintage showdates from 2001 supporting The Cult

Update 02. May 2016

Thanks to Erik D. for sending me an audience recording of the 02. Aug. 1998 show.

Update 01. May 2016

During a 'clean-up' I killed the links to my trade- and wanted-list. Now they are back,

Update 30. Apr. 2016

Today the mis-colored split-7-inch singles have arrived and are now to be found

in the discography as well

Update 23. Apr. 2016

The split-7-inch singles have arrived and are now to be found in the discography.

Update 10. Apr. 2016

I've added three vintage flyers and one past tour date to the guide:

17. Oct. 1993; 23. May 1995; 01. Jun. 1995 (flyer/date)

Thanks 'brother'

Update 04. Apr. 2016

The 'Celebrating The A&M Years' European Tour 2016 is over.

Thanks guys for doing it again. Safe travels and I hope to see you again in the near future.

Update 03. Apr. 2016

Finally I added the photopass and the photos I took at the 23. Mar. 2016 show in Karlsruhe

Update 28. Mar. 2016

Venue added to the 26. Mar. 1992 show; venue correction for the 12. Dec. 1993 show and one show added: 11. Dec. 1993

Update 24. Mar. 2016

Ticket signed by Phil Caivano and Photo-Pass added

Update 19. Mar. 2016

Pictures of merchandise, Aftershow-Pass and a drumhead added to the guide

Update 16. Mar. 2016

Thanks to Bernie C. for a scan of his ticket for the 15. Mar. 2016 show

additional show added: 30. Mar. 2016 Full Metal Mountain Festival, Nassfeld, Austria

Update 14. Mar. 2016

Setlist for the European Spring Tour 2016 added

Update 13. Mar. 2016

500 visitors since the installation of the counter in January

Update 06. Mar. 2016

added two flyers to the guide.

The 2016 European Tour starts tomorrow. Safe travels through Europe, guys. Hope to meet you on the road.

Update 01. Mar. 2016

First Flyer for the forthcoming European Tour added.

Update 27. Feb. 2016

Thanks to Richard V. for sending me scans of his tickets:

16. May 1993, 04. Jun. 1993, 28. Mar. 1995, 30. Nov. 2000 and 01. Nov. 2008

Update 12. Feb. 2016

Today's the re-release day of the A&M albums

Superjudge, Dopes To Infinity, Powertrip and God Says No

Each re-issue comes with bonus tracks

Update 21. Feb. 2016

Dave, Phil and Bob will appear at the 'Sally Can't Dance' a tribute to Motörhead

at The Bowery Electric, New York City, NY on the 14. Feb. 2016

(see flyer for details)

Update 17. Jan. 2016

Tickets added to the 17. Mar. 2016 and 23. Mar. 2016 shows

Scorpion Child will be the support act for the tour

counter added, to see, how many visit my site

Update 21. Dec. 2015

Poster for the 19. Mar. 2016 show added. Openers for that show will be Scorpion Child and Orange Goblin

Update 11. Nov. 2016

Rest of shows announced. Check here for details

Update 08. Nov. 2015

More shows announced: check here for details

Update 30. Oct. 2015

First date of the forthcoming European Tour 2016 announced:

19. Mar. 2016 O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, England

Update 10. Oct. 2015

added a Primo Scree CD copy of Spine Of God to the discography

Update 01. Oct. 2015

added Cobras And Fire: The Mastermind Redux to the discography

Update 03. Sep. 2015

Thanks to James S. for sending me a pic of his ticket stub of the 02. May 1992 show.

Update 01. Sep. 2015

Thanks to Tim Cronin for pics of two flyers, 12. Mar. 1993 and 08. Oct. 1995 and a pic of a tourpass for the Superbang 1993 tour

Update 08. Aug. 2015

Thanks to Kim C. for a pic of a flyer for the 01. Apr. 1992 show

Thanks to Damien B. for sending me ticket - fotos for the following shows:

20. Feb. 2004, 11. Dec. 2009 and 14. Feb. 2014

CD added to the discography: Powertrip French Album Promo

Update 04. Aug. 2015

added another CD to the discography: Space Lord (Intergalactic 7" Remix) Promo Single

Update 03. Aug. 2015

Thanks to Damien B. for sending me a ticket - foto for the 21. Nov. 2000 show

Update 22. Jul. 2015

release date for the forthcoming album announced:

Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind-Redux) will be released on 02. Oct. 2015 (Europe) and 09.Oct. 2015 (USA)

Update 29. Jun. 2015

added a vintage date to the guide: 15. Jul. 1991 CBGB's, New York City, NY

Update 20. May 2015

added another CD to my dicography: Spine Of God issued by the label 'Go Get Organized'

Update 21. Mar. 2015

Thanks to Jürgen H. for sending me photos of his 05. Dec. 2000, 23. Jun. 2011 tickets and for the additional info what the second opener for the Stuttgart show is concerned.

Update 15. Mar. 2015

Thanks to Steve H. for two more recordings:

11. Apr. 1999 Blaisdell Arena, HI, USA and 12. Apr. 1999 Blaisdell Arena, HI USA

Update 01. Mar. 2015

The 'Milking The Stars' European Tour 2015 is over.

Update 23. Feb. 2015

The two Norwegian shows got cancelled due to illness of Dave Wyndorf. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Update 21. Feb. 2015

Thanks to Björn S. for sending me pics of the setlist, tourrider and aftershow-pass from the 08. Feb. 2015 Oberhausen show and of two signed album covers: MTS and Powertrip

Thanks to Denver M. for sending me pics of his AAA-pass, aftershow-pass and the setlist from the 15. Feb. 2015 London show

Update 19. Feb. 2015

Thanks to Kim C. for her 17. Nov. 2013 ticket

Thanks to Mothership Fourtwenty for the 13. Feb. 2015 ticket

Thanks to Bobo for the passes to the 17. Feb. 2015 show

bought two drumheads at the merch stand after the Saarbrücken show

added some more flyers made for the 2015 European tour

Update 06. Feb. 2015

In memoriam:


26. Oct. 1983 - 06. Feb. 2014

Flyers for the 03. Feb. 2015, 04. Feb. 2015 and 06. Feb. 2015 shows added

Update 05. Feb. 2015

Thanks to Jürgen H. for a picture of his ticket

added Photo-Pass, Drumhead, Setlist and Photos that I've shot at the 03. Feb. 2015 show

Update 27. Jan. 2015

First flyer of the 2015 European Tour added

Update 26. Jan. 2015

venue change for the 30. Jan. 2015 Athens show: it's now Gazi Music Hall

supportacts for Athens are: Solarmonkeys and Half Gramme Of Soma

and for Thessaloniki: Sixofnine

Update 19. Jan. 2015

Thanks to Claudia W. - K. for another ticket: 03. Feb. 2015

Update 18. Jan. 2015

added another ticket to the liveguide: 18. Feb. 2015

Thanks to Claudia W. - K.

Update 31. Dec. 2014

Thanks to Björn S. for sending me scans/photos of tickets, setlists, stickerpasses, tourposters, tourriders, guitar picks and signed vinyl.

Ticket 23. Mar. 2004; Poster 23. Mar. 2004; Ticket 01. Nov. 2008;

Ticket 07. Dec. 2008; Setlist 07. Dec. 2008; Poster 07. Dec. 2008;

Onlineticket 18. Aug. 2010; Screenprint 18. Aug. 2010; Setlist 12. Dec. 2010;

Guitar pick Jim Baglino; Guitar pick Garrett Sweeny; signed Superjudge 10';

Stickerpass 22. Nov. 2011; Dopes To Infinity Tour Poster;

Stickerpass 26. Nov. 2012; signed Monolithic Baby! 12'; Poster 08. Dec. 2012;

Spine Of God Tour Poster; Tourrider 09. Aug. 2013; Setlist 13. Aug. 2014;

Stickerpass 01. Feb. 2014; Tourrider 01. Feb. 2014; signed Last Patrol 12';

Stickerpass 09. Feb. 2014; Guitar pick Phil Caivano; Backpatch;

Tourrider 18. Feb. 2014; Stickerpass 19. Jun. 2014; Setlist 19. Jun. 2014;

Tourrider 19. Jun. 2014

Update 18. Dec. 2014

The Live Guide turns 3 today. Thanks for all the support

Thanks to Steven L. for the info on the 05. March 1999 show: double bill with Godsmack and Marilyn Manson wasn't on the bill for that night.

Update 07. Dec. 2014

Opener for the forthcoming tour announced: Bombus (except for the two Greece - shows)

Update 16. Nov. 2014

Another date added to the upcoming 'Milking The Stars European Tour 2015'

28. Feb. 2015 Scumbash Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Update 13. Nov. 2014

I've added Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol to the discography

Update 04. Nov. 2014

Two more dates added to the upcoming 'Milking The Stars European Tour 2015'

The tour starts in Greece

Update 23. Oct. 2015

more dates added to the upcoming 'Milking The Stars European Tour 2015'

tickets added: 02. Feb. 2015; 17. Feb. 2015

Update 17. Oct. 2014

more dates for the upcoming 'Milking The Stars European Tour 2015' added

Update 11. Oct. 2014

On this day, 25 years ago, first performance as Monster Magnet

First date for the upcoming 'Milking The Stars European Tour 2015' added:

02. Feb. 2015 Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland

Update 02. Oct. 2014

added some vintage dates to the guide:

06. Jan. 1990 CBGB's, New York City, NY, USA

20. Feb. 1995 The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ, USA

21. Dec. 1995 Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Update 20. Sep. 2014

21. Jun. 2014 Hellfest, Clisson, France video added

Update 13. Jul. 2014

Thanks to Wayne L. I could add another date/flyer to the guide.

Update 21. Jun. 2014

last day of the Summer 2014 European Tour.

Thanks to Monster Magnet for some great shows. Hope to see you all again soon.

Update 14. Jun. 2014

added photos I've shot at the 09. Jun. 2014 show in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Photos I, Photos II

Update 12. Jun. 2014

Sticker-Passes, Setlist and Drumhead added for the 09. Jun. 2014 show added.

Thanks to: Tim Cronin for the setlist, Paco and Tim for the Passes and Bob Pantella for this very special drumhead.

Update 15. Apr. 2014

Thanks to Caroline G. for sending me two of her prints for the 13. and 14. Feb. 2014 shows.

Update 08. Apr. 2014

Flyer added for the four Australian shows.

Setlist added for the 03. Apr. 2014 show. Thanks to Tim Cronin.

Update 31. Mar. 2014

Thanks to Jey I. for sending me scans of Dave's guitar pick he used at the 27. Nov. 2012 show

and for the invitation to the 08. Feb. 2014 show.

Update 28. Mar. 2014

Poster for the 06. Apr. 2014 show added

Update 26. Mar. 2014

Thanks to Erik D. for sending me a picture of the gigposter for the 08. Feb. 1992 show

Update 15. Mar. 2014

Show date added 05. May 1999 Irving Plaza, New York City, NY, USA. Thanks to James B.

Ticket added for the 09. Jun. 2014 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands show

Thanks to Adam C. for a photo of his ticket for the

05. Apr. 2014 The Hifi, Brisbane, Australia show.

Update 18. Feb. 2014

Ticket, Aftershow-Stickerpass, Setlist and a picture of a set of guitar-picks for the

13. Feb. 2014 show added. Thanks to Denver McCord

Update 11. Feb. 2014

Aftershow-Stickerpass for the 10. Feb. 2014 show added. Thanks to Bobo for it

Pics of signed drumheads from the 09. Feb. 2014 and 10. Feb. 2014 shows added

First 2014 recording added: 31. Jan. 2014 Szene Wien, Wien, Austria. Thanks to Bernie C.

Update 10. Feb. 2014

Setlist to the 09. Feb. 2014 show added. Thanks to Tim Cronin for it.

Aftershow-Stickerpass for the 09. Feb. 2014 show added. Thanks to Bobo for it

Got my first drumstick. Thanks to Bob Pantella

Update 07. Feb. 2014

Just received message that the administrator of the MM-Forum has passed away yesterday.

My condolences to his family and friends

Rest In Peace, Slap

Update 06. Feb. 2014

Ticket-photos added for the 04. Dec. 2012 and for the 01. Feb. 2014 show.

Thanks to Claudia W. - K.

Update 30. Jan. 2014

Ticket scan added for the 31. Jan. 2014 show. Thanks to Bernie C. for this one

More Summer dates announced

Update 29. Jan. 2014

Australian tourdates announced.

Update 26. Jan. 2014

Setlist for the 25. Jan. 2014 show added. Thanks to Bobo

Update 24. Jan. 2014

I've added selfmade setlists for the Last Patrol European Tour 2014

Update 20. Jan. 2014

A big Thank You to Steve H. for sharing his knowledge concerning MM's tour history:

27. Jun. 1995 Asylum / The Underground, Toledo, OH, USA

01. Jul. 1995 Unknown Venue, Minneapolis, MN, USA

02. Jul. 1995 Unknown venue, Grand Forks, ND, USA

28. Jul. 1995 Numbers Nite Club, Houston, TX, USA

21. Oct. 1995 Deep Phat, Houston, TX, USA

22. Oct. 1995 Unknown venue, Shreveport, LA, USA

25. Oct. 1995 Birch Hill Nite Club, Old Bridge, NJ, USA

27. Oct. 1995 Pearl Street, Northampton, MA, USA

28. Oct. 1995 Axis, Boston, MA, USA

08. Nov. 1995 Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY, USA

09. Nov. 1995 Opera House, Toronto, ON, Canada

10. Nov. 1995 Odeon, Cleveland, OH, USA

02. Dec. 1995 Unknown venue, Burlington, VT, USA

08. Dec. 1995 Unknown venue, Manchester, CT, USA

09. Dec. 1995 Unknown venue, Storrs, CT, USA

16. Dec. 1995 Harper's Ferry, Boston, MA, USA

28. Dec. 1995 Unknown venue, Springfield, MA, USA

29. Dec. 1995 Unknown venue, Lawrence, MA, USA

19. Jan. 1996 Johnny D's Uptown, Somerville, MA, USA

27. Jan. 1995 Morganfield's Portland, ME, USA

05. Jun. 1998 Paolo Soleri Outdoor Amphitheater, Santa Fe, NM, USA

02. Jul. 1998 Meadows Music Theater, Hartford, CT, USA

22. Jul. 1998 Tuxedo Junction, Danbury, CT, USA

24. Jul. 1998 Asylum, Portland, ME, USA

26. Jul. 1998 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI, USA

29. Jul. 1998 Living Arts Theater, Philadelphia, PA, USA

31. Jul. 1998 Bayou, Washington, DC, USA

05. Aug. 1998 Ground Zero, Spartanburg, SC, USA

08. Aug. 1998 State Theater, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

13. Aug. 1998 House Of Blues, New Orleans, LA, USA

15. Aug. 1998 Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX, USA

16. Aug. 1998 Unknown venue, Corpus Christi, TX, USA

25. Aug. 1998 Unknown venue, Karlsruhe, Germany

26. Aug. 1998 Unknown venue, Bielefeld, Germany

04. Sep. 1998 Sandstone Amphitheater, Kansas City, MO, USA

05. Sep. 1998 Riverport Amphitheater, St. Louis, MO, USA

06. Sep. 1998 Unknown venue, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

07. Sep. 1998 Unknown venue, Springfield, MO, USA

08. Sep. 1998 Magnolia Street Pub, Spartanburg, SC, USA

20. Sep. 1998 Green Hill Park, Worcester, MA, USA

22. Sep. 1998 Toy Tiger, Louisville, KY, USA

25. Sep. 1998 Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, MO, USA

26. Sep. 1998 Juke Joint, Springfield, MO, USA

29. Sep. 1998 Starwood Amphitheater, Antioch, TN, USA

02. Oct. 1998 Magnolia Street Pub, Spartanburg, SC, USA

07. Nov. 1998 Roy Wilkins Auditorium at River Center, St. Paul, MN, USA

13. Nov. 1998 Salt Air Pavilion, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

14. Nov. 1998 Idaho Center, Nampa, ID, USA

17. Nov. 1998 Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA, USA

18. Nov. 1998 Armory Auditorium, Salem, OR, USA

22. Nov. 1998 Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA, USA

25. Nov. 1998 Orange Pavilion, San Bernadino, CA, USA

Update 12. Jan. 2014

Mr. Wyndorf has announced that 'Last Patrol' will be performed in its entirety

Thanks to Claudia W. - K. I was able to add two ticket - photos:

02. Feb. 2014 Hirsch, Nürnberg, Germany

18. Feb. 2014 Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany

Update 11. Jan. 2014

Exact date for MM's performance at Sweden Rock Festival 2014 announced:

07. Jun. 2014

Update 04. Jan. 2014

Thanks to David K. for the photos of two tickets, 03. Aug. 1993 Roxanne's, Toledo, OH and 15. Nov. 2013 St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit, MI and a setlist from that same show.

Update 01. Jan. 2014

Happy New Year! Monster Magnet turns 25 this year!

One more flyer added for the upcomong Last Patrol European Tour 2014

Update 27. Dec. 2013

added a new disc to the discography: Dopes To Infinity Flexi Disc

Update 19. Dec. 2013

Thanks to Erik D. for a photo of his ticket from the 27. Nov. 2013 House Of Blues show

Update 18. Dec. 2013

Two years online. Thanks to all of you for your support.

Update 17. Dec. 2013

Added some flyers for the upcoming Last Patrol European Tour 2014

taken from MM's Twitter account

Update 09. Dec. 2013

The rest of the Last Patrol US-Tour 2013 has been cancelled. Dave's statement from

the forum of the band's website:

So sorry about all this. Catching a cold on the road is one thing but this BEAST I have is a full on, "week out of your life", high fever, larynx crushing DEMON. There's nothing I could do but cancel, unless you want to see a skeleton up there.

We will make these shows up one way or the other. I hate this kind of shit more than anybody, believe me. We shall return.

- Dave

Get well soon and hopefully see you in Europe in early 2014

Update 05. Dec. 2013

Thanks to Erik D. I was able to add three more recordings to my collection:

20. Jun. 1992; 19. Apr. 1995; 27. Nov. 2013

and again thanks to Bernie Cow for more video recordings from his collection:

20. Jun. 1992; 16. Apr. 1995; 12. Aug. 1995; 19. Aug. 1995; 06. Sep. 1997;

06. Jun. 1998; 16. Jul. 1998; 30. Aug. 1998; 04. Apr. 1999; 17. Jun. 1999;

04. Dec. 2000; 13. Dec. 2000;

Update 04. Dec. 2013

First dates announced for Summer 2014

Update 14. Nov. 2013

The Last Patrol US-Tour kicks off today. Save travels.

Added a bunch of flyers for the US-Tour taken from MM's Twitter account.

Update 09. Nov. 2013

Anti-Mortem will be opening for the band instead of Zodiac as they have been denied visas.

Update 26. Oct. 2013

Two vintage show dates added and one additional info to a show:

03. Feb. 1990 CBGB's, New York City, NY USA

20. Aug. 1990 The Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ USA

additional info added to the 30. Nov. 1990 Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ, USA show

Update 17. Oct. 2013

Taday Mr. Wyndorf has announced that Chris Kosnik is MM's new bass-player.

Welcome on board Mr. Kosnik

Update 16. Oct. 2013

Last Patrol was released yesterday in the US and was added to the discography

Update 27. Sep. 2013

Church Of Misery will be the opening act for the European Last Patrol Tour 2014

Update 25. Sep. 2013

I've added the 'Mindless Ones' vinyl singles (purple and golden) to my discography.

Update 19. Sep. 2013

additional info to the 22. Jul. 1992 show added. Double bill with Godflesh.

Thanks to Seth F. for this information

Date for an In-Store performance at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ added: 14. Oct. 2013

Update 17. Sep. 2013

2nd opening act for the North American Last Patrol Tour 2013 added: Royal Thunder

Today Mr. Wyndorf has announced that Jim Baglino has left the band.

Thanks Jim for 10 years, have fun with whatever you're going to do and good luck.

Update 11. Sep. 2013

Tour pass added from the cancelled 2011 Australian 'Dopes' Tour.

This laminate was once sold on MM Swag Central.

I used the picture from that site since I was too late to get the original...

Update 09. Sep. 2013

One show added (01. Feb. 2014) to the Last Patrol Tour 2014 that I forgot,

thanks to cdtg for the hint.

Ticket-scans for the 09. Feb. 2014 and 10. Feb. 2014 shows added.

Update 06. Sep. 2013

more dates for the Last Patrol Tour 2014 added

Update 05. Sep. 2013

Tour dates added for the European Last Patrol Tour 2014

Update 17. Aug. 2013

Thanks to the artist Denver McCord for sending me a digital copy of the poster he

made for the 04. Aug. 2013 show at the Bierkeller, Bristol.

The venue was later changed to The Fleece.

Update 15. Aug. 2013

Fully autographed poster of the Summer 2013 tour added

Update 14. Aug. 2013

Aftershow-Pass from the 13. Aug. 2013 show at Halle 2 in Heidelberg added. Thanks Bobo

Farewell, little Astronaut

Update 07. Aug. 2013

Aftershow - Pass from the 05. Aug. 2013 show at the Concorde 2 added. Thanks Bobo

Update 01. Aug. 2013

2nd opening act for the Brighton show (05. Aug. 2013) added: Machine People

Update 23. July 2013

Tour dates added for the North American Last Patrol Tour 2013

Update 19. July 2013

03. Aug. 2013 show moved from Geuzenpop Festival to Poppodium 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Update 18. July 2013

Photo of a fully autographed drumhead added to the 30. Nov. 2010 show

Sad news: 03. Aug. 2013 Geuzenpop Festival is cancelled

Update 09. July 2013

Venue change for the 04. Aug. 2013 Bristol show: moved from Bierkeller to The Fleece

Update 21. June 2013

Another support band added for the Bristol Show: 'Hark'

Update 25. May 2013

Thanks to Cassandre R. I was able to add two more tickets:

26. Nov. 2011 La Maroquinerie, Paris, France

21. Nov. 2012 La Maroquinerie, Paris, France

Update 14. May 2013

Poster and Special Guest for the 04., 05., 09., and 13. Aug. 2013 added

Special Guest: Godsized

Update 09. May 2013

show date added: 02. Dec. 1995 Club Impact, Pombano Beach, FL, USA

Update 16. Apr. 2013

Again a big thank you to Mr. Cronin:

date change: 22. Jul. 1992 not 24. Jul. 1992

31. Jul. 1992 was a travel day, no show

Union Carbide Production was on the bill with MM beginning with 18. Aug. 1992

12. Aug. 1992 Tusindfryd, Aalborg, Denmark added

band(s) added for the following shows:

15. Aug. 1992, 20. Aug. 1992, 21. Aug. 1992, 22. Aug. 1992,

23. Aug. 1992, 24. Aug. 1992 (show was recorded by Radio Bremen) and 29. Aug. 1992

25. Aug. 1992 was a travel day, no show

27. Aug. 1992 support was Loose not Union Carbide Production

01. Sep. 1992 venue added: Apollo, no Union Carbide Production as support in the UK

06. Sep. 1992 was a festival

No show on the 01. Feb. 1993

07. Feb. 1993 Video Shoot in NYC added

14. Feb. 1993 The Vortex, Hadley, MA added

19. Feb. 1993 Industry, Island Park, NY added

venue added for the 03. Mar. 1993 show

Update 08. Apr. 2013

Logo added

Update 21. Mar. 2013

Vintage show date added: 11. May 2001 Rialto Theater, Tucson, AZ

Added the Westwood One Radioshow to the discography

Update 19. Mar. 2013

Thanks to Tim Cronin this pieces of information could be added:

12. Jan. 1990 Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ it's 'Freak Theater' not 'Freak Nature'

The 29. Oct. 1991 Fox Theater, Portland, OR show with Mudhoney and Nirvana did not happen with Monster Magnet

15. Feb. 1992 it's Café Bar, Long Branch, NJ for the afternoon show

06. Mar. 1992 The Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ was not with 'Dinosaur Jr.'

12. May 1992 Avalon, Boston, MA was John McBain's last show with Monster Magnet

Update 03. Mar. 2013

rest of the dates added for the upcoming Summer Tour 2013

Update 24. Feb. 2013

More dates added for the Summer 2013 Tour

Update 23. Feb. 2013

First show for the Summer 2013 Tour announced

Update 14. Feb. 2013

Vintage show date added: 15. Jun. 1991 Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Added two more shows to my 'wanted' list:

15. Dec. 1989 Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ, USA

15. Jun. 1991 Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Update 09. Feb. 2013

Signed ticket for the 03. Dec. 2013 show added. Thanks to Carsten B. for this scan.

Update 14. Jan. 2013

some make-up

Update 01. Jan. 2013

Flyer and setlist added to the 28. / 29. Dec. 2012 shows at the

Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ, USA

Setlist added to the SOG 20th Anniversary Tour (USA)

Update 22. Dec. 2012

show date added: 04. Aug. 1998 Lake Boone Country Club, Raleigh, NC, USA

Update 18. Dec. 2012

The Live Guide celebrates its first year online. Thanks to all of you who helped

improving the site over the last 12 months.

Update 17. Dec. 2012

Setlist for 08. Dec. 12 Speedfest 7 in Eindhoven was added.

Update 07. Dec. 2012

Thank you Bobo for the set of Tour Passes for the 20th Anniversary SOG Tour

Update 04. Dec. 2012

Photo of a fully autographed drumhead added to the 03. Dec. 2012 show

Update 27. Nov. 2012

Thank you RBD for the ticket-foto of the 24, Nov. 2012 Manchester show.

Update 24. Nov. 2012

It was possible for me to add three stickerpasses of the 2010 and 2011 tours.

Thank you Bobo.

Update 14. Nov. 2012

Again thanks to Bobo for the setlist of the first show of the SOG tour

Update 08. Nov. 2012

Thanks to Bobo it was possible to add various tour passes between 2008 and 2011

Update 25. Oct. 2012

Thanks to Freak Shop USA for the hint:

The show of 13. Oct. 1994 didn't happen. I had the info from

a flyer on a Kyuss fanpage that quotes 'Friday, October 13th' but in '94

October 13th was a Thursday....

Update 24. Oct. 2012

Thanks to Bobo it was possible to correct some errors

in the dates of the Summer 2009 tour and to add some

setlists of the Summer 2010, Summer 2011, Fall 2011 tours,

plus the setlists of:

22. Aug. 2010 Highfield Festival, Großpösna, Germany

09. Nov. 2011 Trädgår'n, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Thanks again to Scott R. I was able to add two more ticket-scans:

17. Jul. 1998 The Opera House, Toronto, ON, Canada

07. May 1999 Showplace Theater, Buffalo, NY, USA

Update 22. Oct. 2012

Thanks to Scott R. I was able to close another gap:

Venue added: 26. Feb. 1993 The Continental, Buffalo, NY

Update 11. Oct. 2012

Thanks again to RBD for this additional ticket-scan:

10. Jul. 1999 Big Day Out (UK), National Bowl, Milton Keynes, England

Update 10. Oct. 2012

Thanks to RBD I was able to add several ticket-scans and one setlist:

15. Dec. 1998 Astoria, London, England

20. Nov. 2000 Astoria, London, England

07. Dec. 2003 Astoria, London, England

12. Apr. 2004 Shepherds Bush Empire, England

06. Dec. 2009 Koko, London, England (+ Setlist)

10. Dec. 2009 The Assembly, Leamington Spa, England

20. Nov. 2010 Corporation, Sheffield, England

21. Nov. 2010 Sub89, Reading, England

23. Nov. 2010 HMV Institute, Birmingham

26. Nov. 2010 Electric Ballroom, London, England

25. Nov. 2011 Koko, London, England

Update 24. Sep. 2012

vintage show dates added:

06. Sep. 1991 Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ, USA

15. Feb. 1992 Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ, USA (2 shows (afternoon & evening))

06. Mar. 1992 The Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ, USA

26. Jun. 1992 The Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ, USA

06. Feb. 1993 The Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ, USA

Update 19. Aug. 2012

Thanks to Nathan H. I was able to add another tour date and the setlist to that particular show:

05. Dec. 2003 The Barfly, London, England

I missed to list updates earlier, so this is the first update...